« Prana » is a Sanskrit term ( ancient spoken language in India), meaning universal energy of life.
This energy is contained in all human beings and flows in our meridians.

It is a common knowledge that without this energy, life would not be possible. So, the Chinese medicine stipulates that pains can be the expression of the energy slowed down or blocked in the body.

This universal energy is known on all the continents and since the Antiquity.
It is also called " pneuma " in Greek, " wakonda "for the Amerindians, the " ruah " for the Jews, "the light" for the Christians, "chi" in Chinese, etc.

This particle of light, prana, called “biophoton” by Professor Fritz Albert Popp (1974), constitutes three possible vocations in everyone’s life:

  • food in consciousness : retreats in pranic process
  • spiritual deployment
  • energy care : energy care training
Also this notion is not limited to the body but also extends to our psycho-emotional and spiritual balance, which the universal energy of life can make possible in each of us.

We must not confuse pranic food and fasting which are very different.

Fasting can only be experienced in a limited period of time because we live on our reserves which are dwindling day by day.

Despite all the benefits of fasting mainly linked to detoxification, too long a fast causes fatigue and exhaustion, requiring a return to solid food.

Choosing pranic food means choosing healthy, living and conscious food, which strengthens the harmonious balance (homeostasis) of our entire being.

Thanks to this new lifestyle which goes well beyond the question of food, we are, as all these people testify: testimonies full of vitality, health and inner joy.

Fasting and pranism (sometimes wrongly called respiratoryism) are therefore two radically different approaches.

This nutritional and global lifestyle through the energy of life or prana is made for you if:
  • you want to free yourself from mental and emotional conditioning linked to solid food,
  • you want to live and travel lightly in your life,
  • solid food doesn’t give you so much pleasure and satisfaction,
  • you want to tone, invigorate and harmonize your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.