« Prana » is a Sanskrit term ( ancient spoken language in India), meaning universal energy of life.
This energy is contained in all human beings and flows in our meridians.

It is a common knowledge that without this energy, life would not be possible. So, the Chinese medicine stipulates that pains can be the expression of the energy slowed down or blocked in the body.

This universal energy is known on all the continents and since the Antiquity.
It is also called " pneuma " in Greek, " wakonda "for the Amerindians, the " ruah " for the Jews, "the light" for the Christians, "chi" in Chinese, etc.

So it is totally possible to treat , to relieve thanks to this energy : training energy care.

Besides, there is a growing number of human beings fullfilled with a conscious pranic food, between 40000 and 50000 currently in the world, approximately 400 people in France (testimonies) thanks to this universal energy which is everywhere in the atmosphere.
Indeed, thanks to a harmonious accordance of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, this food mode becomes a tangible reality, to provide us with a life full of an unlimited vitality, of deep well-being and health on a daily basis.

The notion of homeostasis is a scientific term which indicates the capacity for a system ( our body) to maintain its internal environment in balance.
So this notion does not limit itself to the body but also extends in our psychological, emotional , spiritual balance and as the universal energy of life makes it possible for each of us.

Pranic food and fasting must not be confused because they are much different indeed.

The fast can be experimented only for a time-limited period because we live on our reserves which diminish days after days.
In spite of all the profits of the fast essentially related to the detoxination, a too long fast causes tiredness and exhaustion, requiring the resumption of solid food.

To choose the pranic food, is the choice for a healthy, alive and conscious food, that strengthens the harmonious balance (homeostasis) of all our being.
Thanks to this new lifestyle which is well beyond the food question, we are as shown by all the pranic people: testimonies full of life, of health and internal joy.

Fast and pranism (sometimes wrongly called respirianism) are thus two radically different steps.

This nutritional and global life style through energy or prana is made for you if :
  • you wish to release yourself from mental and emotional conditionings connected to the solid food,
  • you wish to live and to travel lightly in your life,
  • the solid food does not get you much pleasure and satisfaction,
  • you wish to tone up, animate and harmonize your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.